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Delight in details

It is important that a product not only looks great, but is also easy to use. We have gathered all our experiences and applied them to our company's products to make them the most convenient and comfortable for everyday use.

High quality

We use "Crazy Horse" leather which is characterized by high durability and excellent quality. Over time, this leather acquires a special vintage look. This excellent result is only possible with the best materials!

100% Handmade

Each product is made by hand. It was cut, sewed and processed by our skilled craftsmen. We believe that handmade products carry a history and personality. This is the best approach for ensuring the highest level of quality.

Handmade Leather


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Full Grain Leather


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Gadget Covers

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Full grain leather

Our accessories are made from genuine leather “Crazy Horse” and Italian Glossy leather. We personally select each leather sheet to provide the highest quality raw materials.


Most products are sewn by hand with reliable strong threads and are personally inspected by the manager before going to the buyer.

Various design

We are constantly improving our accessories and developing new models. If you didn’t find what you need in our assortment, then we will make an author's accessory according to your sketch.

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Our Story

Our story started when we became fed up with products that are mass produced and sold everywhere. Sadly, many products nowadays are simply not made to last. Before, people passed down valuable things to their children. Family heirlooms that connect one generation to the next. But globalization and price competition made this impossible. Products are made as quickly as possible and in huge quantities with very little focus on quality.

We wanted to take a different approach. Our aim is to sell only handmade products where quality, design, and ease of use are most important. We want to be truly proud of what we do and we want to make sure that our products will serve you for years to come.

We don’t sell anything mass produced and will never do so! Each product is thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted by our skilled artisans. Handcrafted things are out of time and fashion. They are unique and real. We don’t just make goods. We create a lifestyle.

Our products are made from natural materials such as “Crazy Horse” leather – which is one of the most expensive type of leathers. It is water resistant and with proper care, will serve you forever. During normal use, minor scratches and scuffs will appear, which gives a natural aged or vintage look. This makes the products unique.

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