Wooden accessory care

The lifespan of your wooden accessory will depend on the treatment you provide to your jewellery and while wood rings are structurally strong and durable they do need the care to stay in good condition.

Keeping your wooden accessories and wooden rings in good condition is simple by following the steps below:

  • Store when not being worn – Do not leave your wood jewellery in your car, direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. We recommend storing your jewellery in an airtight bag at room temperature in a dark place.
  • Avoid perfumes and lotions – Avoid the use of hairspray, perfumes, lotions etc. while wearing your jewellery. Avoid harsh chemicals and soaps when wearing the wood jewellery. Such products may cause discoloration or damage. While wearing your wooden ring be aware that the material is a natural product and general wear and tear can damage the wood in the ring. 
  • Clean your wooden accessory – Use a cotton cloth to buff in the direction of the wood grain should your wood jewellery look a little dull. Use a dab of beeswax or mineral oil sparingly to enhance the shine. Apply as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Although we recommend the ring to be removed while showering or swimming, the occasional wash or water is ok so long as the finish is maintained and polished.

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